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Sunday, 12 April 2009

10 steps to healthier longer relaxed hair

This blog is for black women in the UK and in Europe. It is dedicated to help black women retain their hair length and get long hair. Yes, black women can have long hair, it doesn't have to stay at shoulder length forever.
Relaxed hair doesn't have to be damaged. you can achieve waistlength hair even if you hair is relaxed.
10 easy step to help achieve healthy long relaxed hair:
- Condition twice daily with water based leave-in conditioner. An easy way is to mix glycerin and water.
- Seal the moisture with light oils such as olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut Oil , avocado oil , oil castor, almond oil or other. Seal with oil everytime you condition your hair (twice daily), just put a small amont in you palm and rub on your ends. The ends of your hair is the most fragile part of your hair because it's the oldest and driest part. - Co-wash at least twice a weekly. Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner (no shampoo)
- Deep condition everytime you wash your hair with shampoo, you can also deep condition after your co-wash but it's less necessary.
- Avoid combing
- Sleep with a satin scarf, to keep your hair from rubbing on your cotton pillow.
- Baggy your hair
- Protein conditioner some good ones are CPR motions, aphogee is good to but it's a very heavy treatment and is recommended to be used every 6-8 weeks only.
- Avoid heat
- Use heat protectant if you must use heat

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